It has to be a stroke!

Saturday August 21st 2010 – UC Davis 2 (1) @ U of Pacific 1 (1) – with Mike Wagner

My opening game of the 2010 college season has me driving to Stockton for a scrimmage between UC Davis and University of the Pacific.

It feels good to be out on the field again. I really enjoy scrimmages because they give me time to practice just like the players. And I’m really feeling fit this season. Mentally and physically and my head is on a good place for hockey too.

Although UOP’s field is grass it is in great condition.

From the opening whistle to the end of the match I was running effortlessly. I really felt good out there.

UC Davis had most of the play in the first half and took an early lead. Late in the first half UOP were awarded a Penalty Corner.

The initial shot came in low and to the near post. A UOP player made a deflection and the ball rose to head height and hit a UC Davis defender on the cheek. She was all alone, behind the keeper and in the cage: easy stroke call: but I held my whistle, it was all instinct. The ball fell to the stick of the same forward who had deflected it initially and she gently pushed it in the goal.

I called time and conferred with Mike. He agreed it would have been a stroke. I called the goal!

The UC Davis coach insisted it should have been a stroke. I played advantage. I’ve never had a coach demand a stroke against her own team.

Early in the second half UC Davis scored the winner from a Penalty Corner.

They were the deserving winners.

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