Expecting service: tilting at windmills

Just checked into the Menage Hotel in Anaheim. I am here for our App Vision World Tour kick off which starts tomorrow.

During the check-in process I was told that an additional $50 would be added to the hold on my credit card to cover incidentals. Anyone who has ever traveled with me will know I don’t do incidentals. Never open the mini-bar, never rent a movie, never use the hotel bar, or restaurant, if breakfast is included I eat it otherwise I get breakfast out.

So when I said there will be no incidentals they said it is “policy”. When this has occurred before I have been told that they will just disable my card from charging. I am OK with that too.

After a bit of a discussion they agreed not to put the extra hold on my account.

I called Visa and they had put the extra hold on my account.

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