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I’ve been asked to be a guest contributor to the ebizQ blog on Business Process Automation. Check out the posts.

Is enterprise IT in danger of a tech bubble? The vibrancy of the tech start-up community here in the valley is a good sign that innovation continues at the staggering pace we’ve become used to. VC’s and Angels tell me deal flow is high and there is plenty of …

What is the key trend for BPM so far this year? Engaging the business analyst in the development of a BPM solution has to be the way to go. Too much time is wasted translating the requirements into a solution. Winning BPM solutions must have the ability to be used by …

How do you answer, If BPM is so necessary, how come so many SMBs do fine without it? Max Pucher, above, has it right: there is an obsession on automation to eradicate errors. In modern businesses the 80:20 rule doesn’t apply to transactions. Whoever heard of a 20% exception rate? Many of my customers, of all sizes, moaned …

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  1. Dan Feaheny says:


    IT outsourcing and BPO frequently work well when a change management programme designed by quality outside consultants and championed by senior management communicate with an organization’s internal staff.



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