Just because it is email it can still be rude

If you need help with Netflix contact Reed HastingsA few weeks ago I got an email from Netflix telling me they were changing their program from DVD plus Streaming to DVD or Streaming. I picked streaming and returned the DVD I had.

A day later I got an email that said “We received your DVD” and it was followed by “We dispatched your next DVD”. But I picked streaming only.

So I replied to the email (info@netflix.com) explaining I’d picked streaming and that I would return the one they sent as soon as I could. The email bounced. I got an automated response saying this address does not accept emails.

Not that is is just rude. If you write to me – I want to be able to write back to you.

Today I received another email asking me to return the DVD Netflix sent. I replied to the email saying that I would but that they shouldn’t have sent it in the first place. It bounced too.

You can be rude to me once. But not twice. Especially when you are asking me for something that you screwed up.

I searched the Netflix website for an email address to write to. There isn’t one. I called the support line and asked for an email address. They “don’t have emails addresses for customers to use.”

After some trial and error I found Reed Hastings’, CEO of Netflix, email address: it is reed.hastings@netflix.com. If you are having problems in the transition to the new rental paradigm – let Reed know.

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  1. louisjbianco says:

    I absolutely agree with you! As a business you are supposed to help and support your end-users not frustrate or anger them. A Business relationship is hard to do nowadays, especially with the advent of the internet, mobile internet and the current state of the economy. People can surf the web to find your competitors or do without your services due to the economy and rising costs, so the last thing you want to do is turn them away with a stupid email. If you must send automated do not reply emails, It is easy to include a contact us link.

    Also, I would like to add that when actually replying to emails, you must remember that you aren’t face to face with the recipient, so they cannot perceive sarcasm and tone of voice. I am guilty of sounding mean in my texts and emails when in fact, I am usually being sarcastic or only joking. I know that it is hard to do especially in the heat of the moment, but it is important to remember.
    Thank you for this Post Kevin.

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