It’s Sunday here

Sunrise was amazing this morning. The refraction of the light through the thickest part of the atmosphere creating all those nameless tones of color. Constantly changing until, just a few degrees above the horizon, one can already feel the warmth of the Sun.

Was up at 7:00. Then a long walk, gym closed on Sundays as there is no one working in the offices at the weekends. Home for breakfast and blogging. KFOG Accoustic Sunrise in the background. Smell of fresh brewed coffee coming from the galley. Mmmmn.

After breakfast going to play whack-a-mail for a wee while and try and make a dent in my over-brimming inbox. I’ve been using for the past three months and it is really effective at getting me off those mailing lists.

Lunch with the kids today: should be nice. After lunch the movies: Sherlock Holmes or Tinker Tailor. Feeling in the need for a bit of British escapism. Choices are 19th century archetypal British eccentric detective swash-buckling through London or 20th century archetypal British reserved spy intriguing across Europe.

Depending on the time there is always the sunset to look forward to but I suspect I’ll miss it tonight. They have been equally as spectacular as the sunrises lately. Where has the rain gone this year?

Chinese take-out for dinner and invite the neighbors share and do battle over the Scrabble board tonight I think.

Just another Sunday: I love Sundays.

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