And 10: Have fun

10: Have fun. You are making life altering improvements in the lives of your colleagues. You are giving them back valuable time and saving them from tedious tasks so that they can get on and do what they were hired to do – run the business. Celebrate the victories the users have and record those successes on a wall-of-fame. Deal with every error with urgency and honesty and involve the users in the solution. Embrace suggestions from the user, they know their business best, and try out their ideas. Fail fast, fail often and learn from each one but never stop experimenting. And have fun doing it.

We are fortunate to live in a time where almost every user we meet is very savvy about technology. They are used to the idea of process automation and this makes our task easier in some ways. It also sets the bar high for what we do. Are you ready to leap that bar?

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