20 reasons to review your portfolio

Do you need any more reasons?

Do you need any more reasons?

Today I spoke with my broker and with the 401k administrator. My portfolios of investments do not contain any “gun stocks” nor do any of the investment products I have invest in gun stocks either.

I will not profit from this carnage. Let’s all make sure our portfolios are clean.


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2 Responses to 20 reasons to review your portfolio

  1. Colt says:

    Maybe you should invest into the communities and companies that will help provide assistance to those who are mentally ill? What is the common tie amongst these killers? All of them have been on various psychotic mind altering drugs for depression and/or ADHD.

    Until help is given to those suffering from mental illness whether there’s a gun ban or not – it will not stop death. If they used knives instead of guns, would you call for knives to be outlawed? How about the mentally ill lady shoving someone in front of a subway train? Surely, the trains must be banned too?! After all, it’s another inanimate object that humans use to inflict carnage.

    Society needs to work on giving human life more value and curtail video games that encourage violence, rape and murder. Honest and law abiding citizens have permits and keep their guns and ammunition locked away. Criminals do not value human lives nor do they or could they get a permit to legally own a gun.

    There needs to be a better system in place to keep guns out of the wrong “hands” and we need to help those afflicted with mental illness better than is being done currently in society.

    Your post encouraged me to purchase stock in some gun manufacturers since my investments in pharmaceuticals hasn’t proven successful in finding a cure of mental illness.

    • Kevin says:

      There is no doubt that there are any factors at work here. But the simple truth is that there are no recorded examples of mass murder by knives. Every death is a sadness, every murder a tragedy, but every mass murder that could have been diminished is a shame on our society and every one that could have been aborted is a crime against humanity. Let’s strive to save every life by every means possible. By every means possible. Let’s rule nothing out.

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