Apple’s quality is legendary

Not yet a rotten apple

With apple, one is never sure if it is a cool feature too cool to be understood by mortals or just another bug. While the world is distracted by breaches in iOS 9, the rest of us are facing daily disruption from changes that are breaking formerly robust, reliable and familiar capabilities for what seems like no good reason.

Once renowned for the clarity of vision and excellence of quality, Apple seems to be suffering from the same sloppy execution we’ve come to experience from too many other vendors. Once legendary for their execution we now remember those halcyon days only as a legend we tell our children.

What finally made me write is the complete breaking of the Podcast App.

  • The date is wrong on the downloaded podcasts
  • Casts won’t download because they are “unavailable” when they clearly are not
  • Casts pause without reason and restart without prompting
  • Random colors are assigned to the background making it impossible to read (found the option to turn this off eventually)

Come on Apple, you know you can do better than this.

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