Real Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting by public companies has significantly improved since Dodd-Frank. Since then there have been many attempts to roll back those reporting requirements because large corporate businesses don’t want too much sunlight on their internal practices.

Investors need to be able to get the whole picture to make sure they invest in those businesses that match not just their financial ambitions, but their moral, ethical, religious, political, and demographic preferences.

Future financial reporting requirements should include:

  • Financial Settlements made
    • Not the details but
    • The amounts
    • The reasons (sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, fraud, tax evasion, etc.)
  • Employee demographics
    • For the demographic vectors, Men, Women, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Members of the LGBTQ Community, Disabled, Veteran, ex-Offender
    • The number in the category
    • The highest-paid employee earns (all forms of remuneration) per hour
    • The lowest-paid employee earns per hour
    • The average pay per hour
    • The number on the Board
    • The number in the workforce
    • The number provided with healthcare
    • The number provided with pensions
  • Political contributions
    • To which named elected officials
    • To which named political parties
    • To which named political organizations
    • To which named political advocates
  • Ethical contributions
    • To which charitable organizations
  • Environmental footprint
    • The carbon footprint for the whole organization on per employee basis
    • Consumption of natural resources that the company pays for (in dollars)
    • Consumption of natural resources that the company does not pay for (specifics)

And of course, false reporting will result in fines and imprisonment for CEO and CFO.


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