Many Tanks

2fmethode2ftimes2fprod2fweb2fbin2f31abbefa-86b1-11e9-80a7-7034275c0a1bA few years ago I received an email with the delightful typo “Many Tanks” in response to a task I had completed for a colleague. What added a frisson of further amusement was that the author was German and I am British.

This is my attempt at being a think-tank because ideas are mightier than the tank.

This new section of BizTechFuturist is in response to the changing world order, especially the one here in the USA, to try and look beyond the immediate crisis, to the world beyond that will welcome the next government into power. The structure of our society is clearly much more fragile than we had assumed four-years ago, and in this current disaster, is showing signs of brittleness that suggest it’s collapse at any moment.

So we have to plan now. This series is the germs of ideas I have been mulling for a while. Time to write them down and get input.

  1. Financial Reporting – let’s get the whole picture of the companies we invest in
  2. Packaging – it is out of control and it is wasting our planet’s resources
  3. It’s Time – time limits in the constitution (confirmations etc) – no more not doing your job
  4. Voting Rights – needs to be a national program not subject to political whim
  5. Civil Service Exam – you have to be qualified to be a civil servant including political appointees
  6. Qualifications for office mean full transparency