Welcome to the BizTechFuturist blog. Here we can explore trends and ideas, we can exchange insights and experiences and we can challenge the status quo and demand the solutions we need for business.

Why do we accept that it is OK to struggle with technology? If our food is cold we send it back: when did we ever send our technology back? When our hi-tech cell phone is harder to use than a rotary dial phone why are we excited to be using it still.

The purpose of technology is to make lives better. This blog is about celebrating when technology and business get it right. But it is also about building a consensus around where we need to go next. And, we might, along the way, have to draw attention to a few who don’t get it.

I hope you enjoy reading the content. It gives me much pleasure to write it. Your comments are always welcome.

So, let’s check out some posts …

Kevin Parker
Chicago, August 16th 2010

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